Monday, 2 February 2009

Hastings warns of growing public anger

Max Hastings, writing in the Guardian:
If I was a minister, or even a Tory minister-in-waiting, I would be very frightened by the picketing of oil refineries where contracts have been awarded to foreign workers. This is the start of something big, the first stirrings of an anger that is bound to grow.....

The notion of accepting hardship and sacrifice bravely is quite alien to our modern experience, which is why social unrest is so plausible.
Yes. I think 2009 will be year when we discover whether we still have a spine or not.


Blue Eyes said...

Judging by the reaction of these workers who haven't even lost their jobs, there is going to be a lot more of this.

I am praising Mr Mandelson for standing up for markets. Long may it last.

There is a nasty whiff of xenophobia about these strikes, I suspect an unholy alliance of the unions and the BNP-types.

Raedwald said...

Yes, whisper it quietly, but Fondlebum is right on this one. Redwood points out the split in govt., with some ministers wanting to curry favour with 'the workers', that is sending out the wrong message.

But I reckon every day the dispute goes on is another 10,000 votes for UKIP in June.

Anonymous said...

"But I reckon every day the dispute goes on is another 10,000 votes for UKIP in June."

Indeed Mr. R., I concur.

These strikes are not against the Italians, they are against the EU and its remote unaccountable regulations which are finally having an effect on real peoples' lives.

As long it was just straight bananas people could laugh at it and tell us Eurosceptics that were obsessive little-Englanders.

Suddenly it looks different.

JuliaM said...

"I suspect an unholy alliance of the unions and the BNP-types."

The reports I've seen make a point of saying that the strikers have given the BNP short shrift. Which is heartening.

coneyisland said...

Hmm - there's more to this. There is a pent up and growing anger at the lies being peddled to us poor little plebs in Britain. How many more sound-bites do we have to tolerate? "British jobs for British workers" was just one of a litany of soundbites that have come back to haunt the person who uttered them - mainly Gordon Brown.

Never in the field of human politics have so many lies been told to so many people by so many politicians. The uprising is coming.