Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Calais - the option Cameron won't take

As both UKIP and UK Hauliers called for the army to be deployed at Dover to screen out illegal migrants hiding in vehicles, there are several reasons why Cameron will not take this option;

1. OK, so they succeed in finding hundreds of migrants hidden in vehicles. What do they do with them? They can't be immediately sent back if they make an asylum claim - they need housing, feeding and care. And after a couple of weeks when the numbers are in the thousands and we need to build new detention centres, what then? No, far better, as far as Cameron is concerned, to allow those that make it into Dover to slip in quietly. 

2. And no, the French would never stand for the British army being stationed in Calais to do the screening

3. The army are efficient enough not only to find the migrants hiding in freight wagons, but the hundreds a day more being carried in the boots of private cars for reward; for unemployed Asian lads from the Midlands, smuggling in migrants at £1,000 a pop has become quite an earner. Well, they're not going to Calais to stock up on booze, are they? Again, exposing the known problem to public view is less preferable to Cameron than keeping it quiet letting the illegals in.  

4. Swarms of human rights lawyers / ambulance chasers will descend on Dover ready to blame the lads for every miscarriage, cut, bruise or hurt feeling and back it up with legal claims. 

5. Having our lads stop the poor migrants coming in doesn't make as good TV as rescuing the sods from the sea etc. - best avoided altogether.  

6. And having the army find large numbers who get through Calais is also bad news - news editors will back-calculate how many have already got in, and blame Cameron for a full five years' worth. 

So I can confidently predict the outcome will be (a) to ask the French politely to do a bit more policing (b) to deploy the Territorial Voluntary Reserve National Barrier to join its regular cousin in Calais (c) er, that's it.

Banks and Terrorists

I remember back in the '80s, following big-bang and the expansion of the financial system, when banks were suffering from account fraud so that cashiers were provided with photocopied 'caution' lists of foreign individuals with whom the bank should not deal.  The list was ordered alphabetically by country; a few names listed for Brazil, a few for Chile, a handful for Denmark and so on. Until, under Nigeria, the list simply said 'All'. Well, the banks had about as much success in halting the exploitation of the West's financial systems by energetic and enthusiastic Nigerians, the world's greatest fraudsters, as Canute had in halting the waves. 

So I wonder how successful the listing on Thomson-Reuters 'World Check' terrorist institutions database of Finsbury Park Mosque will be. The imam of course is outraged at being listed but ordinary folk may remember the Mosque as a hotbed of Islamist extremism that spawned Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui, sheltered Abu Hamza and bred the London Ricin plot, and therefore think the listing is reasonable. 

And of course there are those who, until Islam in the UK reforms itself so as to conform wholly to David Cameron's check-list of unacceptable tenets of faith, who would simply avoid the discrimination issue by listing, under the heading 'Mosques and Madrassas in the UK' in the Thomson-Reuters database, 'All'.  

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The attraction of Corbyn and the UK's democratic health

It is a much used video clip from Iain Dale's London radio programme that best illustrates the attraction of Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst the other three candidates squirm and dissemble over Dale's question about a job for Ed Milliband, Corbyn answers honestly and clearly. At a time when we loathe everything about the political class more than ever, Corbyn is the Varoufakis of British politics; authentic, with the common touch, a man whose message you may not like but whose word you can trust. 

Never underestimate the wisdom of crowds. Commentators are unanimous in opining that electing Corbyn is electoral suicide for Labour. While there is no reason to say they're wrong, it's possible that folk know it already, but have already written the Labour party off as a big league political party. Four million votes on the right have already migrated to UKIP - why should not 4m votes on the left follow a radical left wing party, leaving Blair's Labour with the LibDems in the centre? 

We're going through a radical reconfiguration in British politics. Whatever the short-term upsets, any long-term outcome that increases party membership from its nadir of 1% of the electorate in the first decade of this century is good. The more varied, fluid and fast-moving the change in politics the less chance of tax theft by moribund decaying behemoths of parties, the less chance of a quasi-constitutional role for the old parties and the less chance of British politics becoming set in treacle. The cosy and corrupt plans of both Christopher Kelly and Hayden Phillips, both ex-Mandarins, with regard to the tax funding of parties have already been blown out of the water*. An increase in political participation, and in those paying subs, will see a swing towards the only fair and democratic method for funding political parties - by their members.   

*Implementing the Phillips / Kelly plan now would give UKIP £12m a year of tax money - not something Cameron is likely to let happen. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Islamic civil war pulls in NATO member

The same incredible policy stupidity that turned Libya from a prosperous employer of African migrants to a bankrupt staging post for illegal migrants to the EU, run largely by ISIS, has just pulled Turkey into the Islamic civil war. Turkey is of course a NATO member. The map below shows the extent of the Kurdish minority, with whom the Ankara government has just gone to war. The Kurds are the main military opponents of ISIS in Syria. And among the Turkish speakers in the green areas are over a million Sh'ia. 

A political and military collapse in Turkey will open a migrant highway straight into the heart of Europe; Greece will be abandoned (as the Germans truly want) and Europe's new boundary will be a fence running from Hungary to Slovenia to Trieste.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

ISIS, witch-burning in 17th Century Europe and sick Aylesbury Dogs

The horrors with which ISIS deals with apostates, homosexuals and sundry offenders against the primitive Sharia 'law' clearly have no place in the 21st century and are beyond any understanding or excusing. These Moslems are barbarian unenlightened natives, immersed in the stupidity of religious bigotry. As members of an evil death cult they have already consigned their souls to Hell. 

However, their activities are not without parallel in our own pre-enlightened past. During the Thirty Years War in Europe the phenomenon of witch-burning peaked; previously very rare, and after around 1650 rare again, but during the war period at least ten thousand women were condemned and burned alive in Europe - by both Protestant and Catholic authorities. 

The First and Second Enlightenments changed everything. European men since are not the same as men before, nor churches since the same as churches before. It is specious therefore to claim, as some feminists or atheists do, that either men in general or religious men in particular are still liable to incinerate gobby, clever or independent women. Witch-burning was never an individual psychopathic activity - it was a participatory sport in which men used their pre-enlightenment understanding of their faith to justify their collective barbarity. And that phase has now long passed from European mandom. 

However, the same primitive behaviour is still apparent both amongst ISIS in Syria and Iraq and primitive men of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, nearly all Moslem, in our own towns and cities. Their violence and sex crimes are not secretive, individual acts of delinquency but a collective, participatory sport with self-justification from their primitive and unenlightened understanding of their own faith. Sixty Moslem men raping a twelve year old girl in Aylesbury, throwing a gay youth from the roof of a building in Raqaa or sawing the heads from their terrified captives are all part of the same problem - that we are not, as enlightened Europeans, dealing with our equals but with those no different to our own ignorant, unenlightened ancestors four hundred years ago.

So no. We cannot allow Islam to be the equivalent in our society of Christianity until it has passed through the same enlightenment, undergone the same changes. Until then it is the unacceptable primitive faith of killers and abusers. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

US wants Britain in the EU for their benefit, not ours

There is something admirably straightforward about the way in which the US always, always, acts in the interests of the US. No sentimental nonsense about moral obligations, bonds of friendship and so on; the US will shaft (and has done, on several occasions) its closest ally if there is an advantage to the US to be taken from it. Let's not be upset or bitter about it. It's the way it is, and as I suggest, an approach we should emulate.

There will be those this morning ignorant of the above principle, who will fondly imagine that Obama's urging the UK to remain in the EU is altruistic advice given for the benefit of the UK. Get real, folks. The US has absolutely no interest whatsoever in maintaining Britain's diminished world position. Entirely the opposite, in fact.

The US would rather have us propping up a militarily weak Europe to allow the US, in time, to withdraw from NATO obligations. The US would rather lose the anomaly of Britain and France each having a seat at the Security Council when it would rather that one of those seats went to South America.  The US would rather have the EU's emollient and accommodating majority force Britain to give up inconvenient thorns such as the Falklands. The US would rather have the Euro nuclear capability under one finger - that of the senior EU official. And no doubt a score of other reasons. 

So we must thank Mr Obama for his advice, and politely remind him that the UK generally makes up its own mind on such matters. Generally about three years before the US president does.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bloody Butcher tells Labour to lie more

The Bloody Butcher of Baghdad emerged from his crypt today to warn Labour that unless they learn to lie properly to the electorate they won't win power. Blair pointed to his own record of mendacity, deception, distortion and omission as an example of how to succeed in gulling the voters. 

"Just look what we achieved" Blair said "We destroyed the last vestige of rebellion and free-thinking among  the remnants of the English working class, closed half the county's pubs to limit sedition, robbed traditional community identity of its strength by dilution and had nearly half the population financially dependant on the State. Until Gordon tried to be clever and wrecked the bloody economy. You don't get there by not being able to lie effectively"

Commentators speculated that Bloody Blair is running scared of Labour picking a leader who won't protect him from prosecution once the Chilcot inquiry is published - now expected sometime in 2021, just after the next election.